SPCA Success Stories

Unedited comments submitted to the SPCA.

8/8/2014 - Eveie
I just wanted to thank the consohocken spca ....I adopted Eveie (Thats what we named her) who was a stray about 3 months ago..I came in for a kitten but she stole my heart as soon as i saw her,she was in the the glass case and she had no hair on her legs and belly due to chemical burns...she is by far the sweetest little girl...she has made herself very comfortable and rules the house , she bosses around her two dogs that reside here. I am so happy we found her or should i say she found us...i just wanted to thank the staff at consohocken and let them know that they are great!!

7/8/2014 - Vito
Just wanted to thank you. We adopted Vito on Sunday from the Perkiomen branch, though it has only been 2 days, he is simply the sweetest cat with so much love. He is fitting in well with our other cat, whom we also adopted from you several years back. They are both are very large cats, with lots of hair, Vito all black with white and Biggie (aka Boots was his name) all white with brown, they sit and stare at each other, like they are amazed to see another cat their size. Thank you.

Dawn Batzel
6/5/2014 - Tiger
I just wanted to thank you for staying open a little later on that Sat. almost 2 wks ago when I adopted Tiger. I wasn't sure I was making the right decision bringing an older cat into my household but I just couldn't stop thinking about him. He is so happy , sleeping in our spare bedroom right now with the catnip toy you sent home with him. Thanks so much for all the toys, carrier and food. It makes me happy every time I see him so content in his new home. I really appreciate all that you do for animals like Tiger!


3/18/2014 - Pepper
Just wanted to say thank you for letting us adopt "Pepper" back in November 2013 - a Black German Shepherd Mix (our vet thinks she's all German Shepherd)! Our vet weighed her the first week we had her - she was underweight at 44lbs, but still a puppy, now nearly 4 months later she is a strapping 67lbs and I think near her full size now!

She is over her puppy biting and is pretty calm most of the time, we even have a cat now and she is being very well behaved with her. The whole family took her to training classes and she has done very well, except for her recall when we are out in the garden - she just loved all that snow!

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that she is turning out to be a great dog and the kids just love her!

Claire Baker

3/16/2014 - My new life
This is from the handsome, funny and always hungry puggle that I adopted over 3 years ago:

My new life began in a place called the SPCA, where a stranger took me. Nice humans took care of me but I was very scared and hungry. There were lots of other dogs and some were very sad. I think there were cats too, but I could only smell them. I was in a large cage and could go outside, but I just stayed on the bed and trembled. A human lady came over and tried to pet me, but I was too afraid to go over. She came back later and this time I sniffed her and she seemed okay. Later I went to sleep and woke up with a sore spot on my bottom, but then they fed me so I was good. The nice lady came back again and this time she took me with her in a car.

We went to a new place where there were lots of new smells outside and good places to play and nap inside. We went for a long walk and I sniffed everything, I was very happy and hoped I didn’t have to go back to the other place, even though the humans there were very nice to me. The lady gave me water and food and toys and played with me a lot. There was a crate that was nice but I didn’t want to go in and she didn’t make me. The first night in the new place she let me sleep on the bed with her and it made me feel safe.

We spent a lot of time together but I got very scared when she left me alone. I would bark and cry, but she always came back and never forgot to feed me. I really like to eat. I think that this is my new home and my new name is Darwin because that’s what Myhu, my human, calls me. I’m so happy that Myhu picked me to live with her and I hope that all the other animals at the SPCA go home with a human, even the cats.

Marie Mazzulla
3/12/2014 - Frenchie Love!
We adopted a 5 year old French Bulldog mix named Lola on 12/30/13. She now goes by Penny in our house and is simply the best girl ever! She has brought so much joy and love to our home. She is so sweet, well trained and well behaved. I can't imagine that it was easy for her previous owner to give her up. I'm hoping that her previous owner might read this and be at least a little bit comforted to know that she is showered with love and attention and we absolutely adore her. She makes us laugh and smile every day with her little snorts and grunts.

She loves to run around in the back yard and meander under the trees. She says hello to her cockapoo friend on the other side of the fence a few times a week. She enjoys going on long walks through the neighborhood, watching out the window, riding in the car and playing with her toys. She makes little nests out of her favorite blanket. She is a champion napper and cuddler! She has enjoyed meeting her furry and human cousins. She was the missing piece to our family and we're so thankful to have her!

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